Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Going to The Movies, Theatre, Sports Events? Try Buying Tickets Online!

Do you like to know ahead of time that you have tickets for your movie? Try buying tickets online. I tried this feature when I won a free movie. The offer had to be redeemed online so I gave it a try. While it still didn't stop me from being in line I had the assurance of a seat. This comes in handy for special first run attractions. It makes planning a breeze since the seat is guaranteed. Some theaters even have kiosks where online tickets can be redeemed, eliminating line standing.

Want to think of a way to gift someone across the country? How about a hard working college student who deserves a reward? Buying tickets online and sending to them by email provides the ticket right away! What a surprise to find in the inbox. Grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and many others are not likely to frown at movie tickets. It is a winning situation!

Are you into other events? How about buying event tickets online? This can also make for some great gifting.
Enjoy your entertainment, whichever venue you choose!

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